ExcelliPrint doesn't list my printer

Tue, 06/11/2019 - 15:58 By Dave Brooks

Q: The printer to which I would like to print does not appear as a selection at the ExcelliPrint® printer list.

A: The printers listed are those the run-as user has installed. If "ExcelliPrint User" is the run-as user, only the local printers are shown in the list.

Windows printers which are shared from another computer are considered network printers. All other printers are local printers. Once installed, network printers are user specific. For example, if you log in as Administrator and install a network printer, it will not be visible by any other user even when logged on to the same computer. On the other hand, local printers are system-wide and, once installed, can be printed to by any interactive user, including the "ExcelliPrint User."

To get different printers listed, change the run-as user. Any run-as user needs the "logon as a batch job" user right. Instructions for adding this user rights assignment are found here.