ExcelliPrint Premium vs. Standard

Fri, 10/04/2019 - 15:29 By Dave Brooks
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Both ExcelliPrint® Standard and Premium eliminate the need for specialized, expensive IPDS printers by allowing IPDS print jobs to print on conventional Windows-based printers. Using ExcelliPrint in IPDS print environments lowers costs and maintenance. ExcelliPrint Premium transforms IPDS documents into archival formats, like PDFs. Also, Premium includes an iSeries interface for managing iSeries IPDS devices and spool files from within a browser.

  Premium Standard

Support for all IPDS Towers

ExcelliPrint supports the Text, IM Image, IO Image, Graphics, Font, and Bar Code (Barcode) towers of the IPDS architecture. (more about support IPDS towers)

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Driver-independent Printing

ExcelliPrint prints your IPDS data directly to Windows printers. 



Convert your IPDS documents into PDF for easy viewing, archiving, distribution, etc.


Convert and Save in Other Formats

Convert IPDS documents into TIFF, JPEG, and PNG


Archive print jobs

Save incoming print jobs to disk, and specify the filename using job data.


iSeries Device and Spooled File Management

  Premium Standard

Spooled File Management

Spooled files on the iSeries can be held, released, or moved without the need for an additional emulator. (more about iSeries spooled file management)

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iSeries Device Management

Create iSeries print devices or redirect existing devices using the browser-based interface. (more about iSeries device management)


Security, Input, and Output Features

  Premium Standard

Support for Multiple Output Destinations

ExcelliPrint supports multiple output destinations (printer, archive to disk, or email), giving you greater flexibility than IPDS printers, typically at a reduced cost.

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Runs as a Windows Service

The service receives print jobs without requiring a Windows user to be logged in to the computer where ExcelliPrint is running.

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IPDS Watermarks / Graphical Overlays

ExcelliPrint supports applying PC Graphical Overlays to IPDS spool files once converted to PDF. (more about IPDS watermarks)


Browser-based Interface

ExcelliPrint's embedded Web server supports SSL and does not require Apache or IIS. All administration takes place through the browser; quickly view your log, configure output destinations and more. (more about the Web interface)

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Role-based Administration

ExcelliPrint provides different levels of administrative privilege to fit your company's security needs.

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Multiple Simultaneous Connections

Accepts data on multiple connections on a single port without delays and supports multiple ports.

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Price per Printer Definition

The software license includes one printer definition. We price additional printers as shown.

Volume discounts are available. Government/education pricing is also available. In addition, we include one year of Software Upgrade & Maintenance (SUM) in the unit price. The SUM annual renewal rate is 18% of the current listed price.

One year of Software Upgrade & Maintenance (SUM) is automatically included in the ExcelliPrint unit pricing.

License: $795
Add'l printers: $375
License: $495
Add'l printers: $325
  Premium Standard