FAQs, upgrading, setups, firewalls and more


Frequently Asked Questions 

Installation, upgrades, manuals

Instructions for installing and upgrading our products, and PDF manuals 

System setups

Configuration for customer systems 

Firewall support

Technical support

How to get pre-sales and product support

"RPM is not working."

We have put together a troubleshooting guide for those situations where RPM does not seem to be doing "anything"

License FAQ

A compilation of customer questions and support issues on product licensing 

Migrate RPM

These are the step-by-step instructions you need to migrate your RPM settings and license from the old server to a new server.

Database maintenance

It might seem intimidating, but you'll be close to an expert using this guide.

Access to license status

We have made it easier to track down your license information to save time contacting our technicians for support.

Remote Assistance

A Brooks technician should be guiding you here on your phone call in progress.

General Assistance

Here are some general links that include some of the pages listed above all in one place.