Formatting HP-UX Reports at Canadian Western Bank


Using RPM Remote Print Manager® ("RPM") Elite, the bank can apply advanced formatting to reports received from an HP-UX server. Once formatted, the reports can be printed on internal and remote printers.



Canadian Western Bank


RPM Elite

Date: June 20, 2005

Business Need

Canadian Western Bank needed a print manager that could manipulate the formatting on reports sent from an HP-UX system.

Solution: RPM Elite

At the suggestion of the application support team, Canadian Western Bank set up RPM Elite between its HP-UX server and its printers. RPM was then able to receive the print jobs from UNIX and apply the specified formatting, such as changing from portrait to landscape, adjusting the font size, and so on.

Systems and Setup

RPM Elite is installed on a workstation. The host system is an HP-UX server running ABL application software.


Using RPM Elite, Canadian Western Bank has seen the following results:

  • RPM allows for custom formatting of the reports from the ABL application
  • The formatted reports can be sent to various internal and remote printers

About the Customer

Canadian Western Bank has over 30 branch locations and is the largest Schedule I chartered bank with its headquarters and principal operations in Western Canada. Canadian Western Bank offers personal and business banking, along with investment opportunities.

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