ExcelliPrint Version Release History

Thu, 10/03/2019 - 14:39 By Dave Brooks

Proudly presenting ExcelliPrint® version history, from the beginning. ExcelliPrint is based in part on another product which we acquired rights to; hence, we started at version 2.

Version released 1 June 2010

Changes in Premium only:

  • Searchable PDFs
  • PDF passwords
  • Print to email--send converted print jobs as attachments
  • Plain text driver--generate plain text from IPDS print job
  • Job data used in archive print job name, including username
  • Improved TIFF and JPEG options

Changes for Premium and Standard:

  • PCL tray mapping
  • Back up and restore configuration
  • Improved bar code rendering

Version released 12 June 2007

  • Runs on Windows Vista
  • Now supports 6 paper trays and 3 envelope feeders
  • PCL output now uses tray selection specified by the host system
  • Resolved issue with IPDS communication from InfoPrint Manager for Windows
  • Added option to separate jobs based on page group
  • Improved host font rendering
  • Improved overlay processing
  • Improved image decoding

Version released 22-Aug-2006

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Various rendering and positioning issues
  • PCL barcode rotation issues
  • PCL bold/italic issues
  • PDF Letter Gothic bold/italic issues

ExcelliPrint 3.0 is split into ExcelliPrint Premium and ExcelliPrint Standard

Version released 17-May-2006

Printer Resident Font Updates

  • A new Letter Gothic font is bundled with ExcelliPrint; this resolves issues with 15cpi Letter Gothic printouts.
  • An OCR-A font is bundled with ExcelliPrint; previously, Courier New was used.
  • Certain Font Global Identifiers (FGIDs) that mapped incorrectly to the SimSun font now map to Courier New.
  • FGIDs 400, 404, 408, and 412 were mapped incorrectly; they now map to Lucida Console, a Windows font that better emulates 17cpi Gothic Text.

Other Improvements

  • An issue has been resolved with an extra digit being added with code 3 of 9 barcodes.
  • Enhancements have been made to improve output quality of IPDS to PCL.

Version, released 14-Mar-2006

  • ExcelliPrint supports multiple output destinations
  • Color support and rendering are improved
  • Additional codepages have been added and can be selected by the user
  • Document output when printing and archiving is more efficient
  • ExcelliPrint's browser-based interface has been enhanced
  • A system tray utility provides quick access to advanced settings
  • ExcelliPrint can move iSeries spool files between IPDS devices

Version, released 23-Feb-2005

  • ExcelliPrint incorrectly reported support for fixed metric fonts
  • Fixes minor issues with image decoding and document shading
  • Fixes rotation issue in the BCOCA IPDS tower
  • Host-resident font fixes, including better support for variable space characters
  • Fixed a problem where certain page offsets were not handled correctly
  • Added support for ASCII codepages
  • PDF relative positioning issues resolved

Version, released 12-Jan-2005

  • First release