INTELLIscribe: Virtual Printer Port

Thu, 04/11/2024 - 12:13 By Dave Brooks

INTELLIscribeVirtual printer portPoliciesProtocol optionsDestinationName

The Virtual Printer Ports window contains the list of the printer ports currently configured. The port policy (broadcast/multicast, failover, destination balancing, round robin) is also shown.

  • When you highlight a virtual printer port, INTELLIscribe displays the print jobs recently printed or waiting in the Print Jobs window.
  • INTELLIscribe creates a queue of the same name for each virtual printer port.
  • Click the Destinations tab to see the Destinations window, which shows the destinations in the queue. You can get more information on a destination by using this view.

Additional Port Information

By right-clicking on a virtual printer port, the Port menu will be displayed, allowing you to update the port or create a new port.

This menu also provides the ability to delete or rename the selected port.