INTELLIscribe: Protocol Options

Mon, 04/01/2024 - 18:17 By Dave Brooks

INTELLIscribeVirtual printer portPoliciesProtocol optionsDestinationName

Host-specific information for each destination is required to set up each Virtual Printer Port. This step has protocol-specific attributes. You may also customize user- or network-specific information for each destination.

Note: Always attempt to print using the default settings first and then modify these settings as needed. Normally, the default attributes are sufficient.

LPD Options Parameter List

  • Queue Name: This is a required parameter. Name of the queue on the LPD server.
  • Copies: Request that the print server prints a specified number of copies.
  • Port Restriction: Configures the LPR/LPD client port restriction. Available settings are:
    • Relaxed: no restrictions on available client ports.
    • Standard: any port less than 1024 can be used.
    • Strict: only ports in the range of 721-731 are used.
  • Print Banner: Request that a banner page is printed with the document or not.
  • Indent Count: Tell the printer what the left margin is; depends on the Print Format setting.
  • E-mail Address: Request that the print server sends email to the recipient specified here.
  • Page Width: Specifies the text width of the document.
  • Banner Class: Sets the class name to be printed on the banner page.
  • Print Format: Informs the LPD what type of file is being sent. The default is preformatted.
  • Reverse Order: Forces the application to send the control file last.
  • Control File Ack: Wait for an acknowledgment after sending the control file before proceeding.
  • Data File Ack: Wait for an acknowledgment that the data file was received before proceeding.
  • LPD Status: Select whether you want to receive a long or short queue status when testing.

JetDirect Parameter List

  • Print Banner: Forces INTELLIscribe to insert a PCL banner page prior to spooling.
  • Copies: Request that the print server generates a specified number of copies.
  • Solicit Device Status: Request status about the JetDirect device while printing.
  • Solicit Job Status: Request status about the print job while printing.
  • Solicit Page Status: Request status about the current page while printing.
  • Query Status: These settings specify information requested when querying the destination.
    • ID: The model number of the printer (i.e. Laserjet 4).
    • Status: Obtain the current status of the printer.
    • Config: Obtain configuration information, such as the paper sizes available.
    • File System: Obtain PJL file system information.
    • Memory: Determine the amount of memory the printer has.
    • Page: Obtain the number of pages printed by the current print engine.
    • Variable: Obtains environmental and printer variables, possible values, and current settings.
    • USTATUS: Obtains the unsolicited status variables, possible values, and their current settings.