FAQ on Product Licensing

Running the evaluation

We offer a 21-day free trial of the software, for your evaluation. There are a few feature restrictions, but if you need to have the full feature set available, we can help you with that.

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What you need to license

In order to license the software, you will need a company name, a unique user name, and the order number. This last item is something we provide to you at the time you purchase a license.

Licensing the software is the same thing as activating the license. You may see that term on our website.

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Get activation key

If the computer you are licensing the software on has Internet access, then using the license manager to activate is probably the easiest way.

If not, then this form collects from you the information necessary. Once you activate using this form, you'll get an unlock code or activation code.

Get an activation key

Manual activation

The manual activation page explains the fields in the Get Activation Key page, just above.

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Internet activation

As we said, if you can use the Internet to activate your license, it's the easier way. This page explains what you still need to know.

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License transfer policy

Please read our license transfer policy before you contact us to move a license from one CPU to another. Thank you.

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