How to license (or activate)

How to license the software

First, let’s go over the information for your license that RPM automatically provides for you:

  • A unique serial number
  • A product code which you don’t need to worry about, which tells us which edition of RPM you are using

This is what you need to be ready with:

  • A company name, which hopefully you would know
  • A username which we’ll talk about more in a moment
  • The order number from us which includes the license you are activating
  • An “authentication code” or “auth code” for short which we will provide you; this code goes with the order number

Note that an “order number” could be from an invoice or receipt and that we make no distinction between the two for the purpose of the license. For us, it is a unique reference to an order in our system, whether it was purchased online or in the more traditional fashion.

Our license activation system uses the order number and auth code which you submit when you activate the license, to track down and uniquely identify the available license we have for you. We created this license in our system at the time of purchase.

Our backend license database requires that we have a unique username for each license in a given company.

We now recommend using the computer name as the username since it is a better identifier and is typically unique throughout an organization. The computer name often works better than an individual’s name since people tend to adopt new responsibilities and move around in an organization, more than computers do.

A Windows user account is not required in order to use that name during activation. This field can be any value provided it is unique.

Once you are ready with the information, you can do an Internet activation or a manual activation. Please follow these links for step by step instructions.