License transfer policy

Wed, 12/05/2012 - 17:22 By Dave Brooks

Our policy dictates that we allow license transfers when the Software Upgrade & Maintenance (SUM) is up-to-date. When you purchase a license, you get a year of SUM included in the price. Beyond that first year, SUM is renewable annually, and is optional.

We do not restrict using a legitimately purchased license on a single computer for the life of the computer. Neither SUM nor any additional costs are required to enjoy full use of the software beyond the first year.

Please note that the End User License Agreement (EULA), to which each user voluntarily agrees when installing the software, states the software is licensed for a single CPU. From the beginning of the company we have assisted users in moving the software to a new CPU on request. Unfortunately, it has come to light that a small minority of customers abuse this aggregiously.

It is not our intent to make everyone pay for the misdeeds of the few. We go to great lengths to help our regular customers and partners maintain their print environments and productively use our software without a break. People who have an ongoing relationship with us always get preferential treatment, and we do our best to be courteous to everyone.

However, please note that if you need to transfer a license and your SUM is out of date, you will likely be required to reinstate the SUM. We do our utmost to respect the software licenses we use, and ask that others do the same for us.

Please note that if this is not legal in your jurisdiction, we require a letter from the end user on company letterhead stating that they need to move the license, and why. A copy of the law with the appropriate section highlighted may be required.  There are no exceptions.