Understanding the Refund policy

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Please note our refund policy:

  1. To apply for a refund, we must receive your request in writing within thirty (30) days of the purchase.
  2. Refund requests after thirty (30) days will not be considered.
  3. If the software has been activated, you are not eligible for a refund.
  4. SUM is not eligible for a refund.
  5. Any and all shipping and handling are not eligible for a refund.

Often a refund issue can be resolved with a credit toward another purchase. We work diligently to accommodate this.

You should be able to avoid a refund request by:

  • using the free 21 day trial of the software
  • renewing the trial for an additional 21 days
  • working with our technical sales and support staff
  • determining without cost to you (except your time) whether our solutions will work for you or not