Running the evaluation

We offer a 21 day free evaluation period for our software. You are welcome to try the software, contact our staff for assistance or questions. Please see the contact page and select "Sales" or "Technical Support" to talk with someone.

Several of our products have features which can be enabled during the trial period:

  • for RPM Remote Print Manager® Elite you can extend the number of devices
  • for ExcelliPrint® Premium and Select you can add to the number of printer definitions

How to increase features during the trial

We will need several things from you:

  1. The serial number of the software. This is available in the Brooks License Manager.
  2. Your contact information and company. This is for our database; we have to create a temporary license (so to speak) in order to generate the code for these features.

Please contact our technical sales or support staff with this information, and we can help you unlock the features you are looking for.

How do I activate the software?

This question comes up because, when you run the installer program for any of our software products, the check box on the last screen that says "Run license manager" is checked. The Brooks  License Manager is therefore the next thing you see, rather than the GUI. The license manager has an "Activate" button; hence the question.

The answer is: "you don't need to activate the software for the evaluation period". When you decide to purchase a license, we'll give you the information needed to activate the licenses after the financial details are resolved.