New in ExcelliPrint 4.0

Fri, 04/12/2024 - 10:56 By Dave Brooks

Additions and updates for ExcelliPrint® version 4.0 as of May 26, 2010. For previous versions please see the version history.

The following is for the Premium version only.

Searchable PDFs. The original document text is now embedded in the PDF, in the same location as the text images using the host font. This gives you the same print and viewing fidelity that the original document designer intended, but now you can also search in your PDF viewer like any other PDF file; and when you provide these PDFs to your document management system, they can be fully indexed.

PDF passwords. You can now set user and owner passwords on PDF files.

Email your documents. Any file converted from IPDS documents can now be emailed. This includes PDF, images and plain text.

If your IPDS document has multiple pages, and you are converting to an image format, PNG, for example, ExcelliPrint will create a file for each page, then add the files to a compressed (zipped) folder and send the zip file as an attachment.

Plain text output. We have added another conversion type, plain text. Now you can transform your spool files directly to ASCII.

Use job data to archive. You can now fully customize the name of the archive file using current job data.

Color enhancements. TIFF output now supports both full color (24-bit) and high color (32-bit) uncompressed images. JPEG output now supports a customizable quality setting.

The following is for both Premium and Standard versions.

PCL tray mapping. You can now override the printer tray selections in ExcelliPrint without modifying the host setup.

Backup. Now export and import your configuration, making it simpler to replicate a setup or migrate an installation to another server.

Barcode improvement. We've improved the rendering on certain barcodes.

For questions please contact technical sales. For previous versions please see the version history.