ExcelliPrint Technical Support


ExcelliPrint Technical Support

Video Requests

We are always excited to offer useful and applicable resources to our customers, and video content is something that we have wanted to introduce for some time. We plan to provide instructional videos on various topics, but we would also love to hear about an specific topics that you would like to see discussed in depth and demonstrated through one of these videos.

Please check to see if someone else has requested the same video topic, and reply to their post if you would also like to see that video content.

Feature Requests

Here at Brooks Internet Software, Inc. we pride ourselves on providing excellent products which provide solutions to problems in your environment. ExcelliPrint is currently under active development, and we hope to publish a new version in the near future. If you are interested in Beta testing the newest version, or if you have requests for features in the newest version, this is a great time to post your feedback.

Problem with printline repetition

I have a Problem with the current version of Excelliprint, may be that this is a bug.

I have a simple pageformat with one printline. This printline has a repetition of 72. When I generate a PDF, the line 60 has no data. It is only a blank line. This may be a general problem, not only by generating a PDF.

When I print the same directly on the printer, without Excelliprint, the line 60 exists with normal data. In both cases the data goes through Infoprint Manager, that means Infoprint Manager should not be the problem.