Better diagnostic messages / RPM beta

We released a beta version of RPM,, on February 20, 2019. The changes are as follows.

Device tester messages

We updated device tester messages which indicated where a problem had occurred, but not what the problem was. It is more challenging to offer help in those situations.

We also added the device ID and path to several messages, making it much easier to determine which device had the issue.

Critical events update

We added transform errors to the list of situations which generate a critical event. We also eliminated a full traceback from message logs since there is not enough room for the useful information. The event log still has the full traceback.

File wait

To track down a problem with folder watchers, we eliminated the "file wait" which we added when we were working on a situation earlier. The problem turned out to be that we were signaling too soon that the job had arrived. Unfortunately, it presented as a file access problem.

We have done quite a bit more work on the folder watcher issue, so stay tuned for the next release.