Comparing RPM Elite and Select

RPM Remote Print Manager is our print server software

Following is the summary of the features supported by RPM Remote Print Manager® Elite version 6.2, not included in the Select 6.2 version. For a side by side feature comparison, see RPM 6.2 Differences.

  • Our folder watcher product Queue Folders works with RPM Elite but not RPM Select
  • HP PCL to PDF conversion: you can convert incoming HP PCL print-ready files to PDF. This process has several options that may be helpful in your print processing, including:
    • merge the PDF file to be start or end of an existing file, for instance, to accumulate customer mailings in a given print run, or attach graphics-rich boilerplate to your PDF document
    • use an existing PDF file as a template, for instance, an overlay
    • supports complex graphics-rich documents

    Please see the RPM Elite HP PCL to PDF page for details.

  • PCL Resource Mapping lets you override values in your PCL data stream by name, rather than using byte codes. You can override input tray, output bin, and the number of copies. This works the same whether you use PCL 5 or PCL XL, and we even change the PJL if present. See RPM PCL Resource Mapping Transform for more details.
  • PCL to PostScript plus other image formats, such as PNG, TIFF, and JPEG. See the RPM PCL to Image format page for details.
  • Data extraction: you can extract fields from your print data (plain text) and use it to override your outputs, such as an archive file name or email destination. We have a step-by-step page and a video that illustrates the process
  • Copy to a dynamic queue: the Copy Queue action supports using dynamic data for the destination queue; this is the essence of dynamic job routing
  • All the PDF conversions support PDF security, including the PDF password for both user and group, as well as author, keyword, subject, read-only, no print, no copy, etc. 
  • Text watermark: you can apply an image file to appear in the background of a print job going to the text print action. The text of your print job overlays the image in transparent mode. For more details, go to the RPM Elite text watermark page.
  • PDF watermark: you can apply an image file to appear in the background of a PDF document you create via the "text markup to PDF" transform. Like the text watermark, the document text overlays the image in transparent mode.
  • Scheduler settings let you change the order in which RPM will process print jobs. 
  • Filter transform provides the opportunity to make custom changes to your print data as it's being processed, in line with the other transforms. The alternative is to send the print job to a filter action, and then send the result back to a different queue for further processing. RPM Elite uses the filter transform internally for HP PCL to PDF conversion, and for rendering the images used by text and PDF watermarks. For more information, please see the RPM Elite filter transform page.
  • Job priority lets you adjust the priority for a device, queue or action so that specific jobs will process ahead of others
  • JetPCL: we now offer a demo version of the JetPCL program by Tech Know Systems. We support all the data translations JetPCL supports and the majority of the options. We also give you access to make a complete command line.

The following are changes from RPM Select to RPM Elite:

  • Enhanced print speed by increasing the number of print tasks from 2 to 5. Furthermore, you can adjust the number of tasks up to 256, though we don't guarantee that it will make your printing faster on a given platform. Please see the RPM Elite print speed page for details.
  • Device limit defaults to 99 instead of 10. We can also license up to 249 devices, or unlimited