RPM Remote Print Manager: Guide to 6.2 Release

RPM 6.2 Release

We have scheduled a new release for RPM Remote Print Manager® for July 2018. This release has been in process since August 2017 and includes a tremendous number of additions and updates.

Here are some highlights:

  • We did a tremendous amount with the LPD protocol including supporting Microsoft's way of byte counting, added capture support, increased speed substantially, fixed "lpstat" results so network probes are satisfied, added AS/400 specific extensions, and around a dozen items
  • In network updates we made all new "print" programs for LPR and Telnet for sending outgoing jobs, and more
  • In job processing, our biggest change was fixing and greatly improving the situation with multiple actions AND multiple transforms in a setup; in fixing that we actually made the whole process much more fluid even for simpler setups; plus we added PCLXL support to the PCL Resource Transform, worked on the Intel CPU bugs, and more
  • Also in job handling, we made a lot of fixes to reprint and error handling
  • We made a number of changes to database handling but probably the biggest is that we streamlined the log message process; it now completes in its own thread so you can turn up the log detail and not slow RPM down by much
  • The biggest User Interface update that people have commented on was that we enlarged the icon that shows whether the UI is connected to the service, so it's a lot more obvious; we did more than that but this is the one people have commented on

PDF version of this guide

If you prefer to see the 6.2 release guide all one place, we have a PDF version for you. Click here ==> Guide to RPM 6.2 Release