CPU idle with credentials / RPM Release

In this post, we discuss the RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® ("RPM") release, dated May 21, 2020.

Running a program with credentials and CPU idle limitsuser credentials

If you do any processing with RPM that uses login credentials AND executes a program, we recommend that you upgrade to this version. A typical example includes the scenario where you convert PCL to PDF and archive to a network drive.

It's perfectly normal for RPM to run one or more programs while processing a job. One example is PCL to PDF, but any number of user setups also match this description.

If your job requires login credentials, RPM could not get the CPU statistics for your program. We were able to find a method that requires fewer permissions, and this solved the problem.

If you have any issues where jobs pend, we recommend that you upgrade to this version as soon as possible.

User interface updates

Disabled settings: You probably know that you can export your RPM configuration to an XML file. And, you probably also know that you can import that configuration into a new RPM install. In the UI, you would use File / Export Settings, followed by File / Import Settings.

Some people take this approach when they migrate an RPM license to a new system.

If you disable an action or transform, then export that configuration as an XML file and import it again, that disabled setting was not coming through on the import. We fixed this problem, and now everything you disabled before is still disabled after.

Granting user permissions: Another problem we fixed in the UI has to do with user credentials and the "logon as batch" setting. We talk about this setting in a popular article on our website, with the catchy title 'Granting "Logon as batch job."'

When you are adding credentials to an action setup or device, the user interface adds the property "Logon as batch job" to the user. Unfortunately, if the user was not part of the admin group on your local computer, this was not working.

We fixed this problem, and now the UI successfully adds that permission to all users. Naturally, the UI has to be running as an elevated process, or this will not work.


If your job processing setup involves shared folders or printers, you owe it to yourself to install this RPM update. Please download the update from our site or contact support for assistance.