Data Extraction with RPM Elite video


RPM Data ExtractionData extraction is an important component of RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® ("RPM"). Use this to extract fields from your print jobs, and then apply them in the processing of your job.

We introduced a video that explains how data extraction works and provides a working example.

Launch the video

Using line and column

First, we demonstrate how to get data positionally, that is, using line number and column position. Naturally, you should be familiar with your data. You need to be able to view the data as plain text, and it is helpful to use an editor that shows line and column rather than plain text only. The video uses Notepad++ but there are many popular editors available with similar features.

Using regular expressions

The video then develops an example using regular expressions to grab an email address. If you are not familiar with regular expressions, this helps you get the text when you don't know in advance how long it is or precisely where it starts. Tutorials on regular expression are readily available on the Internet. The video shows one site,, which we sometimes recommend as a way to test your regular expressions against your job data. 

Applying the data

Once you have extracted the data values from your job, the next step is to assign each value to the job's metadata. We demonstrate this and at the same time, we show how to use these values when you process the job.


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