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RPM Remote Print Manager Upgrade Eases Job Processing and Enables FTP Transfers

Feedback Drives Improvements to Virtual Print Server from Brooks Internet Software

Idaho Falls, Idaho, October 30, 2015 – Brooks Internet Software, Inc., a leader in virtual printing solutions, today released RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) v6.1, improving job processing, adding the ability to send print jobs to FTP servers and addressing a job stall issue. Altogether, this provides customers with an even more flexible virtual print server that’s easier to manage.

“Customer feedback led us to expand the management of job processing and add the ability to transfer using FTP,” said Dave Brooks, President of Brooks Internet Software. “At the same time, some customers had reported that certain configurations caused job processing to stall. RPM v6.1 addresses this, and customer feedback confirmed the issue has been completely resolved.”

RPM v6.1 Details

Improved job processing

The upgrade provides a more responsive experience by allowing users to interrupt or affect print processing in real time. RPM also includes several new processing models to control what prints and in what order. This has been verified with volume testing internally and at customer sites. In addition, it’s easier to add PDF watermarks and other overlays, even under heavy loads, and users can now specify how much parallel processing can be performed on their systems.

FTP upload

This release adds native support for the Internet standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP) as a means to upload files, similar to the way it already archives to disk. RPM supports the full range of print job naming options as well as options familiar to all FTP users.

Job stall fix

Certain configurations resulted in a situation where a job was not recognized as complete and further processing was affected. The Brooks Internet Software development team identified and corrected this issue.

About Brooks Internet Software

Brooks Internet Software, Inc. ( develops virtual printing solutions which allow Windows-based computers to receive print data from platforms such as Unix and IBM Power Systems. The data can then be transformed, processed, formatted and delivered to a single destination or multiple destinations simultaneously.

Brooks Internet Software’s RPM Remote Print Manager (RPM) is a software-based virtual print server for Windows platforms. RPM supports the major print protocols (LPD and Stream). RPM also modifies data on demand, including deletions, insertions and appends. In addition, RPM produces PDFs, prints to Windows printers, and can drive many printers directly at higher speeds. RPM can simultaneously send a single print job to multiple printers, format and send emails and archive to disk. Using RPM, print jobs can be archived to any folder, including network shares. For more information, visit /

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