RPM-Elite - Transform Type "text to text markup"

in my queue I use the translation type "Text to Text Markup", after that I use "Text Markup to PDF".

When I use the default selected font "Courier New" in "Text to Text Markup" all work fine.

But when I change the font to "Courier" I get the following error message in log:

Code: 796

Action error on job '302814* action 'SaveFolder':'empty result from transforms'

Why I can't use the transformation with another font?!

Courier is a "bitmap font" with static characters for each size built into the file.  The Text Markup to PDF transform only supports OpenType and TrueType fonts which are scalable.  Scalable fonts use vector images for each character which allow the font to be stretched vertically and/or horizontally with minimal distortion.

While Courier is not supported, there are many other fonts which work perfectly fine with the transform.  However, most customers also need a monospaced font where every character is the same width.  There are a limited number of monospaced fonts included in Windows with Courier New being the most common.  You might have some luck with Consolas or Lucida Console or Lucida Sans Typewriter if they are installed to your Windows environment.

Note that recent RPM versions have undergone changes to the Text Markup to PDF transform, so if you have any trouble using any of the above fonts, please upgrade to the most current version ( at the time of this writing).

Wed, 08/28/2019 - 08:00