RPM in a VMware Horizons 7 Environment.

RPM to VDI solution.

We currently run RPM on around 130 computers and we are preparing to start testing VMware Horizons 7 VDI in our environment. This project will encompass about 90% of our RPM users once we go live with it. I am looking for any information or possibly any users here that have migrated to a VDI solution while using RPM. Is it possible to continue using RPM.

I'm not exactly familiar with VMWare Horizons. We would probably be unable to license RPM on a per-computer basis like we do now, but instead create a new way to license the software that might require we charge a yearly or monthly fee. RPM does not do this now, so it would almost certainly take development changes if it's even possible at all.

And that doesn't even start to take into account how you might configure RPM, though that may be something for which you already have a game plan.

Depending on your level of interest, I would recommend you call for further discussion.

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 16:37