How to (re)set the IP address pointing to RPM

Sat, 03/09/2024 - 15:18 By Dave Brooks

Q: I have upgraded to a new computer. Now, when I try to print from the AS/400, the job never makes it to my RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® ("RPM") queue. Is there something I need to do when upgrading PCs or changing the IP addressing scheme?

A: There are two common causes to this problem.

  1. The new computer typically has a different IP address than the previous RPM host computer. To resolve this, you must configure the AS/400 OUTQ with the IP address of your new RPM computer.
    1. From an AS/400 command prompt, issue this command, substituting your OUTQ name where appropriate: ENDWTR outq name *IMMED.
    2. Wait 15 seconds, then issue this command, again substituting your OUTQ name where appropriate: CHGOUTQ outq name. Press F4 to prompt, as opposed to the Enter key. If you press the Enter key, start again from the beginning.
    3. In the Change Output Queue screen, press F9. Verify the Remote system parameter is set to *INTNETADR (or to the DNS hostname of your new RPM host).
    4. Locate the Internet Address parameter. Enter the IP address of the new computer. Do not use single quotes or an asterisk (*).
    5. Now, press Enter. If the Writers to autostart parameter is greater than zero, the writer for this OUTQ will start automatically and printing will begin. If not, you must enter the following command to start the writer: STRRMTWTR outq_name. Press Enter.
  2. The other most common problem is that the computer has a firewall installed. Printing from the AS/400 to RPM requires the firewall to allow incoming data on port 515. This page has instructions on configuring the Windows firewall.