INTELLIscribe Maintenance Release


Source: Brooks Internet Software, Inc.
Subject: Immediate Availability of INTELLIscribe
Date: November 9, 2005

We are sending this e-mail to inform you of the latest update to your INTELLIscribe® software: INTELLIscribe is available for immediate download and contains the following updates:

Resolved Issue

  • Under heavy load, some print jobs failed to print completely. This situation was rare but has now been resolved.

Minor Change

  • The LPD Port Restriction option default has been changed from Standard to Relaxed. This will help eliminate Port in Use errors in enterprise print environments where high throughput is critical.


If you are unsure of your SUM status, please contact your sales representative at 1-208-523-6970 or by e-mail at

Call for Feedback

If you have suggestions for improving INTELLIscribe (e.g., new features, improved support documents, website updates, etc.), we would appreciate your input. Please respond to this e-mail or contact your sales representative with comments. Your feedback will help us provide you with a more powerful printing solution and an improved customer experience.

If you have any questions regarding the above announcement or would like additional information, please contact Brooks Internet Software at 1-208-523-6970 or send an e-mail to

Thank you for your business and continued support of our products.


INTELLIscribe Printing Team
Brooks Internet Software, Inc.
Idaho Falls, ID