Save a print job to PDF or any other format

Fri, 10/04/2019 - 14:42 By Dave Brooks

We receive enough questions about how to save a print job to PDF to know it's not always completely intuitive. This document should hopefully clear up any confusion. It was last edited 3-July-2014 and is most relevant to RPM 6.0.

The document assumes you have some familiarity with RPM terminology and have already configured a queue with a set of transforms and actions to create a PDF from your print job. A typical list of transforms might include a Text to Text Markup transform and Text Markup to PDF, or it could be the PCL to PDF transform. An Archive to Folder action must also be configured. The problem we are trying to solve here is, how do you get a file with a ".pdf" extension?

text markup to PDF

Highlight the Archive to folder action and click Modify Action.

The Template (Mask) field is the subject of our focus. This field is where you build a file name using job data variables and any additional static text you require. The variables you add are substituted with job data which often varies from one print job to the next.

select filename format

Say you wanted the filename to contain the original filename and the queue sequence number as part of your new filename. Place your cursor in the Template (Mask) immediately following the default text <N> which is where you want the sequence number. Then, from the Variables drop list, select Sequence number and click Insert. The text <S:8> is added at the cursor position which will cause RPM to build a filename with the source filename (<N>) and the sequence number with 8 pad digits <S:8>. You can remove: 8 for no pad digits or change it to change the number of pad digits if needed.  Add additional variables in the same way, but remember not all variables are specified by all LPR print clients.

output filename template

Finally, to get the .pdf file extension, simply place the cursor at the end of your Template (Mask) field and type .pdf. When you click OK, the new settings are saved.

Any jobs sent through this queue will now be named with a ".pdf" extension.