Problems with MsgQMgr / boost::interprocess

We recently talked with a customer who reported that RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® ("RPM") was showing an error with MsgQMgr in the event log at startup:

interprocess exception

We received reports of this error in 2017 and were able to reproduce it here. Unfortunately, we were never able to resolve this issue so we replaced that code with something else. The new solution has been very steady and reliable for us and everyone who has used it. The new program, dbpipe, does not even use message queues so we're talking replacement, not patches.

To make matters even worse, restarting the RPM service was never enough to clear the error. You actually had to restart the machine RPM was running on, which is extremely regrettable and terribly inconvenient.

RPM history is in the roadmap

If you are not familiar with the RPM roadmap, we keep a history of RPM updates and versions back to August 2002. This particular problem was addressed in version dated June 22, 2017. That is when we introduced the dbpipe program which replaced dbmgr, the program which included that particular flaw.

If you are running this version of RPM or prior please update as soon as you have the opportunity!

What version am I running now?

You can check the version of RPM you are running quite easily. Open the user interface. In the top left of the UI screen we display the version:

UI version

You can also see the latest released version of RPM and the latest interim release (or "beta"). Go to Help / Check for Updates:

Available updates

At the time of this writing, the latest release was and the latest interim version was

Clicking the link will initiate a download of that version in your browser, wherever your browser normally puts files.