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Mon, 11/02/2020 - 17:12 By Dave Brooks
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National and Major Accounts

Digital Office Systems understands that our success can only come through providing customer satisfaction, achieved only by reliable service and successful solutions. Designed to put in place long-term partnerships that ensure our clients receive the value from their investment in our products and services. We service the Rio Grande Valley and Nothern Mexico region from our two locations, McAllen and Brownsville, Texas.

At Digital, we are committed to a successful solution and a total solution to clients' imaging needs. We offer a wide range of connected and stand-alone copies, printing, faxing, and full-color products. In addition, we strategically provide recommendations to these corporate partners in planning and implementing integrated systems. By combining all these units into one program with one central point of contact, our corporate clients have realized a significant improvement in their bottom lines.

Some aspects of our National Account Programs include:

Custom Designed Solutions

Through a thorough account analysis, Digital will design and structure a custom implementation program that addresses financial concerns and will improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees.

Custom Billing

Digital's flexible billing options let us provide you invoices based on your company's needs, not ours. For example, multiple units in different locations may be billed separately or consolidated into one itemized bill. Our policy: You tell us how you want to be invoiced.

Dedicated Customer Support Representative

All Digital Office Systems Major Accounts are assigned a dedicated Customer Support Representative. This person will perform many of the necessary administrative functions, thus freeing up your employees to focus on your business. These tasks include reading meters, reporting usage, maintaining supply inventories, training new employees, and placing preventative maintenance calls.

Major Account Reports

Each month or quarter, depending on how your account is set up, Digital will generate a report outlining the volume of each machine for that period, the total volume of all machines, a history of all service calls, and what was done to correct any problems, and your Customer Support Representative's observations and recommendations. Again, this will free up your employees to focus on your business.

Consistent National Pricing & Installation

Digital can act as a central point of contact through our strong network of dealer locations to provide consistent pricing and performance at all of your locations in the United States.

Through this "Successful Solutions" program, Digital has established outstanding partnerships with Fortune 1000 companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and across the nation.