IMM, New Jersey

Tue, 11/03/2020 - 17:17 By Dave Brooks
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Rahway, NJ
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Changing the eSignature Game

Our heritage began in 1996 as a pioneer of document-based technology solutions for Financial Institutions. Over the next 24 years, we evolved from paper-based document technologies to electronic document systems, to our current industry-leading eSignature platform. This unique document-based heritage has enabled us to develop a series of unique techniques and technology capabilities that separate IMM from other eSignature vendors.

Exclusively Financial Institutions

We began our corporate history serving the digital technology needs of Banks and Credit Unions, and that has remained unchanged through today. Our reputation for helping Financial Institutions elevate the customer experience and streamline back office activities has become a well-respected and valued aspect of our company and our solutions.

Our Customers = Our ShareHolders

Being a privately-held company without external shareholders or financial stakeholders affords us a unique opportunity to be focused on our technology and how it helps our customers solve real-world business problems – as opposed to satisfying stockholders or other financial stakeholders. Rather, we view our valued customers as our “shareholders” and to that end, place great emphasis on customer satisfaction and success.

Simply the Best eSignatures

While every eSign product available in the market can facilitate an eSigned document – the “how” it does it becomes critical when dealing with financial services documents. Ensuring that you are able to easily facilitate eSign transactions from your business systems in an error-free operation ensures that you will derive all of the benefits eSignature technology can afford, without encumbering your employee’s activities or adding a new risk to your environment.