RISO, Inc., Massachusetts

Thu, 11/05/2020 - 10:52 By Dave Brooks
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  RISO, Inc.
Website: us.riso.com
Address 300 Rosewood Dr
Danvers, MA
United States
Phone: +1 (978) 739-3514

RISO means “ideal.”

(And we really mean it.)

The founder of RISO, Noboru Hayama, chose the name of his company for a good reason. It’s Japanese for “ideal.”

RISO strives to create fundamentally unique new technologies in paper-based communication through an approach that emphasizes productivity, cost containment, and versatility. Every product we manufacture delivers these benefits in a balance that offers the ideal solution to our customers.

At the same time, RISO carries on a tradition of caring for the world at large through our environmental and community support programs. Just as we are committed to delivering the ideal products and service, we strive to be an ideal corporate citizen in every country in which we conduct business.

The Global Leader in Digital-Duplicating Technology

In 2016, RISO, Inc. celebrates its 30th anniversary in the U.S. RISO’s tradition of innovation in both technology and service continues to fuel the expansion of our product line and our base of loyal customers.

Since RISO was founded in Tokyo in 1954, our company has thrived on creativity. RISO has repeatedly developed the world’s best solutions to a variety of specialized sectors in document printing and duplicating. We are still the world leader in digital duplicating technology, and we are rapidly building our market share in digital laser and inkjet printing solutions for business. RISO products are now sold in over 150 countries.

The United States Headquarters is located in Burlington, Massachusetts. You’ll find our solutions in the most demanding business environments across the globe.