RPM creates a new queue automatically

I already have a queue created in RPM, but when I sent a print job, RPM creates a new queue automatically. Why does this happen and can this behavior be changed?

The LPR/LPD protocol requires that the LPR client must specify the name of the queue when it sends a print job. By default, if this queue does not exist, RPM will create the queue automatically instead of denying the print request.

You can turn off the auto-create queue functionality. If this setting is turned off and RPM receives a request to print a job to a queue that does not exist, RPM rejects the print request instead.

To fix this issue, you can do either of the following.

  1. Modify the configuration on the sending side to use the queue name already created.
  2. Delete the queue you created and use the one which is auto-created by RPM.