RPM displays the time of the last job printed

Q: Is there a way to see a timestamp as to when a specific queue received its last print job?

A: It turns out that the RPM user interface already supports this.

Let’s go to the user interface. At the top left, we see the queue list. Here is what it looked like on my system:

Queue list

This is what I learned earlier today. If I right-click in the headers, I’ll get a menu allowing me to add or remove columns from this display:

Adding display attributes

Note that I have moused over the "Last Job" selection. The mouse doesn’t actually appear but that selection is highlighted.

Enhanced queue list

At first when I select "Last Job" the column didn’t appear; I had to drag the queue list right border over to the right to make that list wide enough to show the times.

The time of the last job will be automatically updated, so you don't need to be concerned about refreshing. RPM will take care of that for you.