RPM Print Devices

Why does this matter?

RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® maintains an internal count of print devices it has reserved, or used, since the service was started (usually, when the computer is booted). The number of total print devices RPM can use depends on your software license.  The RPM Select license allows 10 devices; RPM Elite support 99 printers, but can optionally be increased to 249 or unlimited.  The RPM user-interface reports the number of total devices and the number of reserved devices in the status bar.

How are devices counted?

The following table describes by action type how devices are counted.

Action type Notes
Text Printer
Raw Printer
The full Windows name is used, for instance, hp LaserJet 4200 (E88174). The device name will be used once. If you use the same printer for text and raw, it will still be counted only once.
IP Printer
LPR Printer
The hostname or IP address determines whether the device is unique.  You may have an IP Printer and LPR Printer actions pointed to the same hostname and the device would count only once.
Filter The Windows command line is used, not just the program path
FTP Server Each FTP server hostname represents a device.
Archive Folders are not counted. You can archive as much as you want, on us.
Email If you use the email action, then the email device is counted exactly once. This does not include notifications sent via email.


How about actions and queues?

Thanks for asking; you aren't the first! We don't care if a device is used by one action, or hundreds. The devices are counted based on the name, as shown above.

The same goes with queues. We are asked frequently about queues with respect to devices. For us, at this time, queues are not devices. You can have a thousand queues using the same printer and it only counts once.