RPM Print Samples

Thu, 09/26/2019 - 17:49 By Dave Brooks

Real World Samples

To help you better understand how RPM Remote Print Manager® ("RPM") can work in a variety of printing environments, we have prepared the following samples. In them, we show several ways RPM can interpret distinct data types with very little configuration done by the user.

RPM Text Printing Sample

This sample shows RPM text printing with the following settings:

  • Text print action
  • Text markup transform with these settings:
    • Default font, Courier New
    • Default margins, 0.5 inches
    • Use lines per inch, set to 6.6

lorem-ipsum.pdf (PDF, 42,042 bytes)

Bold and Overstrike Sample

In this sample, we see that RPM text printing handles bold and overstrike by default.

Hint for mainframe users:

  • If your file is ASA format, go to "Print Data Options" and select ‘ASA Carriage Control / Fortran’
  • Otherwise, go to "Text Setup" and select ‘Use CR to overwrite line’

ppmhist man page (PDF, 13442 bytes)

SCS to ASCII Printing Samples

The following samples are both from customers. In the first sample, confidential information has been changed though the form is real and illustrates RPM's ability to change the font and style as directed. The second sample is a plain text screen dump from an AS/400.

In both cases the RPM settings used were as follows:

  • Default queue type, Text
  • Default font, Courier New
  • Default margins, 0.5 inches
  • In "Print Data Options" the setting ‘Convert SCS to ASCII’ is selected

Sample 1 with SCS markup (PDF, 17588 bytes)
Sample 2, AS/400 screen dump (PDF, 12083 bytes)