RPM is receiving but nothing was printed

Sun, 06/30/2019 - 19:38 By Dave Brooks

Q: RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® ("RPM") is receiving; however, nothing was printed. There are not any errors in the RPM Log and the log reads as follows:

    Information: Accepted client from x.x.x.x, port 148
    Information: Remote closed 148
    Information: Close on socket 148
    Information: Closing transaction for 148  

A: This issue is caused by a router or routers not configured properly. Network Address Translation (NAT) is probably the cause. If you have more than one router, verify that either:

  1. All routers are configured to perform NAT translations, or
  2. No routers are configured for NAT translations

Also, a single router can be configured to perform the translation on outgoing data and not to perform the translation on incoming data. Verify that the router will do the translation on both incoming and outgoing data.

Suppose that the router was configured for NAT translation to the RPM host server, but data from the server did not get translated. The translation would occur before RPM received the data, then RPM would send an acknowledgment back. Since the translation is not performed on data from the RPM host server, the LPR client would never receive this acknowledgment. Therefore, the LPR (in most cases) will close the connection and try again, over and over. Eventually, it will give up.

Note: Verify that the NAT IP address to the RPM server is the same as the acknowledgment IP address from the RPM server.