RPM shows an "Xfer" state

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 20:53 By Dave Brooks

RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) "Queue Status" shows Xfer next to the file name and the job never shows completely received (Done).

The above status indicates that RPM is receiving. Therefore, this is not an RPM problem. The problem is on the sending or LPR side. Should you experience this issue, we suggest that you contact your network administrator (feel free to e-mail support). There are a variety of setup problems that can cause this symptom as shown below by the following *real* examples:

  1. Firewall issues - The control file could be sent just fine and a firewall could stop the data from sending. The resolution to this issue is to review the firewall log to see if the firewall is blocking the data transfer.
  2. Network issue - When many routers are on a network providing many paths to all of the networks. One of the routers could be performing NAT translations of the address of the LPD server to allow for a second path to the machine if the primary was down. The problem develops when the NAT translation is only being performed on the path to the server and not from the server. So the initial connection will be made and when the server sends back the ack packet, it will be sent from a different IP address which would cause the sender to fail to reply (expecting a reply from the address it was sent to). The resolution to this issue was to verify that the NAT IP address to LPD server is same as ack IP from LPD server.
  3. Sending Host Setup issue - An incorrect print queue configuration on the Sending Host may also cause this to occur. To resolve this situation, verify the correct print queue setup.