Lower Printing Costs at Major Insurance Company


Using RPM Remote Print Manager® Select, printed output has been decreased by over 60% and important documents are placed in electronic archives. In addition, routine printing has been automated.



Mercury Insurance Group


RPM Select

Date: March 16, 2005

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Business Need

The Mercury Insurance Group needed a printing solution that would provide more printing speed, increased automation, and the ability to capture print jobs. The captured print jobs next needed to be converted from PCL to PDF and stored on network storage devices.

Solution: RPM Select

RPM receiving print jobs from an HP-3000 and passing them to network printers or network storage devices

After piloting other print software, the company found that RPM was easier to install and use than other solutions. End users were able to adjust to RPM more quickly than other software solutions. RPM was able to receive print jobs from the HP-3000 without using a third-party client.

Using an RPM filter action that calls a third-party PCL-to-PDF converter, print jobs are prepared for digital archiving.

Systems and Setup

RPM Select is situated between the HP-3000 server and the printers or network storage devices.


With RPM Select in place, Mercury Insurance Group has experienced the following improvements:

  • Printed output has been decreased by over 60%
  • Important documents can now be stored in electronic archives
  • Routine printing has been automated so print jobs are automatically handled
    • For example, through the use of a filter action and batch file, print jobs can be routed to different queues (and to different printers)

About the Customer

Mercury General (NYSE-MCY) is the leading independent broker and agency writer of automobile insurance in California and has been one of the fastest-growing automobile insurers in the nation. It is ranked as the third-largest private passenger automobile insurer in California, with total assets over $3 billion. Mercury also writes automobile insurance in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, New Jersey, and Arizona. In addition to automobile insurance, Mercury writes other lines of insurance in various states, including mechanical breakdown and homeowners insurance.

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