Send plain text from the AS/400

I want to receive a print job in RPM from an AS/400 without any printer control characters. Is this possible?

The AS/400 setup instructions show how to receive data into RPM from the AS/400 with Host Print Transform disabled. In this case, RPM will receive SCS data. You can then use the SCS to Text Markup and Remove text markup transforms in RPM to get plain text. Some users have mentioned they get an extra blank line on the first page of the resulting document.

To prevent the random blank line and instead use the AS/400 to perform the EBCDIC conversion leaving plain text, use all settings specified in the AS/400 setup instructions except the following.

  • Host Print Transform: *YES
  • Manufacturer type and model: *WSCST
  • Workstation customizing object: QWPDEFAULT
  • Library: QSYS

You will now get the data without specific printer codes embedded in the document.