How to Broadcast Print with RPM

Question: We have a client who needs to send their print job to two printers. Does your software allow broadcast printing from the printer dialog box?


Yes, RPM Remote Print Manager® (“RPM”) is a good choice for this. You’ll need to review the link below to create a Windows printer using a standard TCP/IP port:

Creating a Windows LPR Printer

This will show you how to use a TCP/IP port with your existing printer to send your prints to a specific queue in RPM.

Then, configure a queue with that name in RPM with two Raw Print actions, one for each of the two printers you need to target.

To do that, follow the Raw Print link above; this page contains step by step instructions. Just add two Raw Print actions to the same queue, the one named in your LPR port.

Of course, this implies that both printers are compatible with the print jobs you are sending.

Generally speaking, you can do other things besides broadcast print. For instance, you could also archive the print job to disk, or perhaps convert to PDF first.