Customer Testimonials

Thu, 09/26/2019 - 11:20 By Dave Brooks

Don't Take Our Word For It

The following paragraphs are actual testimonials sent to us and published with permission from the authors. Read further to learn why RPM Remote Print Manager® is the only complete LPD print server for Windows. If you want to contribute to this page, please feel free to contact us.

Tool manufacturer, Midwestern U.S.

I use RPM extensively. I love it! It provides me with a ton of flexibility. I am now able to print from any printer and don’t have to worry about things going wrong in the print job. For what we do RPM does an excellent job. I can't think of anything that I would want RPM to do that it doesn't currently do. Very happy with our purchase.

Bank holding company, East Coast, U.S.

Very happy with the service ... think RPM is a real time saver for us, it allows us to be more flexible with what we're trying to do. We are fine with being included in a testimonial for the website.

Sheriff's Office, Intermountain West, U.S.

RPM works great. We mainly use it to store 911 calls to a PDF. RPM is very reliable. We have not had any problems with RPM and do not have any suggestions for improvement. We use it for the PDF capabilities but we're aware of RPM's other capabilities.

College, East Texas

We have had no issues with RPM. It has worked perfectly since day one.

County Health Department, Southeast U.S.

When we run our state reports we run it through RPM. RPM helps to keep us organized; it has been a big help in our office. I can't think of anything we could change as it does everything we need it to do!

Jason Mohnkern

Senior Technical Services Engineer

"Please tell everyone at your organization what a godsend RPM has been for us. I was just looking in on our RPM server and marveling at its stability. I honestly haven't had to touch it since I installed it in early 2000. Interestingly, we aren't using it to print. We are capturing half a dozen print streams coming from financial institutions, processing them, and importing them into a database. We are saving hundreds of cartons of paper a year and allowing our employees to quickly locate information that would have taken hours to find down in the basement.

Without RPM we would never have been able to convert those mainframe datastreams into a usable format. Of course, that is just the beginning of some very complex processing, but without a stable foundation, the whole infrastructure would crumble.

Thanks for a great product."

Claude Wescott

New Mexico State University

"I was trying to implement network print support in my LAN, which consists of many different types of operating environments.

I have NT servers, Unix boxes providing network services, an IBM mainframe, which has a database running to support purchasing, accounting, billing, labor, and many other functions. I have a LAN which has approximately 350 workstations attached. Print files can be generated in any of these environments, and they can be printed to any of our 30 network printers.

The network print operation in my environment runs almost unattended. Instead of multiple hangs per day, I may get one or two calls a month to resolve a network print problem. Most often the cause is some network power problem. I now print to several remote sites throughout New Mexico.

The marketing and support from Brooks is excellent. They are very willing to do anything within their power to accommodate a customer."

Gary Runnels

Mississippi State Personnel Board

"My state just implemented a new host-based (MVS/CICS/ADABAS) human resource application. This new system allows page printing as well as batch reports of varying sizes. My agency is scattered on 3 floors with 11 LAN printers, 1 WAN printer and a host printer in another building. We had a SAA server installed, but was required to upgrade the SAA server, due to our implementing to a new release of Netware (5.0). With a change in Novell's licensing, we were required to spend at least $2,000 more for this new version of SAA. So I starting asking and looking around for alternatives.

We have been very pleased with RPM. We added a couple of new applications online that require a different "tailored" print. RPM makes it easy to add new queues and to set line and character spacing or PCL. We reviewed (along with a couple of other state agencies) several print server products. However, RPM was the first one we reviewed that did not limit our number of print queues. This was a huge plus since we require several different types of forms to print personnel information and data.

I cannot ask for a more professional support group than Brooks. When we first installed, they were helpful and took the needed time to see that we were completely satisfied. Later, we had a disk crash on the PC with RPM (older version) and called Brooks to help with the reinstall. We were back up on the new hardware in less than 20 minutes. Our end users did not even know we had lost the print server."

Victoria Conklin

ND Department of Corrections

"Originally, we were trying to remove excess gadgetry (cables, boxes, etc.) from the office and to produce more legible reports where text would flow with ease across the page and be manipulated to the way we wanted it. Our state help desk recommended RPM because they had already implemented software in other state departments. The cost was very affordable and the installation simplified.

It is the perfect mainframe print software. It allows you to set your margins and font type."