RPM Remote Print Manager v6.1 Differences

RPM Remote Print Manager® comes in two editions; RPM Select and RPM Elite.

RPM Elite and RPM Select are both at version They use the same code base; the difference is that Elite has additional features and some restrictions relaxed. Please read the full list of RPM features if you are unsure of which version you need. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

RPM Select
For Windows® 7 and 2008 through Windows 10, Server 2012

Current Version:
RPM Elite
For Windows® 7 and 2008 through Windows 10, Server 2012
Current Version:


RPM Elite & Select feature comparison

Supports these features: RPM Select RPM Elite
Unlimited print queues check check
Print devices 10 99, can be unlimited
  • Configure queues, devices, set job options, view log, events panel
  • Drag and drop jobs from Windows
  • Toggle actions and transforms on or off
  • Supports multiple interface languages
  • Added job scheduling options
  • Many other features
check check
Remote Administration check check
Transforms including:
  • Add data, remove data
  • Translate host formats and code pages
  • String translation
  • PCL tray mapping
  • data security
  • ... and many others!
check Added:
  • PCL to PDF, PostScript, image formats
  • PDF permissions and watermarks
  • Add "filter" transform, run your own program in place before printing
  • Data extraction giving you the means to pull data from your print job and override or supplement the jobs metadata; used in most of the actions. For instance, you can archive to a filename embedded in the job or email to a recipient whose address is in the job
  • Dynamic job routing uses actual print job data in a queue name to route jobs based on data; we can use metadata or we can use data extraction to pull text from the job itself
Outputs include text print, raw print, email, archive to folder, run a program, copy to queue check check
Adding upload to FTP, print via LPR or Port 9100 to other printers
Also added dynamic data support to Copy Queue action, meaning you can send jobs to a queue based on print job data
Unicode support check check
Configuration and jobs in database check check
Import/export configurations, both versions 4.5 through 5.1 check check
Full integration with Windows security check check
Print job archive and reprint check check
Multi-threaded output 2 print tasks 5 default, limit depends on number of processor cores
Job scheduling First in, first out Variety of scheduling options, including ability to prioritize by queue, host, and other factors