RPM Break Lines Transform

Sat, 10/05/2019 - 20:06 By Dave Brooks

What it does

If lines are too long, or the file contains no line terminators, RPM can add line breaks at configurable intervals.


We were frequently getting asked a question along these lines:

My print job is one long block of text. What do I do?

We found that some systems, particularly mainframes, treated their documents with a defined line length on their own system. Yet, when they transmit that document to another computer system, or to a printer, the line delimiters are removed (probably because they were never there in the first place).

I have overheard these conversations frequently over the years, where a customer explains their dilemma and our support tech says, "We have just the tool for you!" It's a very simple concept and does just what you want.


break lines

  • Line break length Any lines longer than this value will be separated by the line break delimiter.
  • Line break delimiter The character(s) to be used as the line terminator. Windows-style newlines contain both a carriage return and line feed. Click Update to access the Edit Bytes dialog to customize the delimiter.