RPM Break Pages Transform

Tue, 06/19/2012 - 10:37 By Dave Brooks

What it does

This transform introduces page breaks to files with regular line terminators.

Note that the transform tracks both lines and pages in your original file. It will not merely insert a page break every so many lines. See below for more details.

Reasons you might use the page break transform

  1. If your file has regular line delimiters, but no page delimiters, use this transform to add them
  2. If your file already has page breaks, you could use this to enforce a maximum page length. This would be useful if the occasional page is lacking a page break.

The way it works

  • The transform maintains a line count
  • Every line will increment this line count
  • If RPM sees a page break in the input, it resets the line count
  • When the line count reaches the "page length" value you setup, it adds a page break to the output and resets the line count


break pages

  • Page length RPM will add a page delimiter each time it sees this many input lines without the page delimiter.
  • Page delimiter This is the string RPM will use to delimit pages. The ASCII form feed character is the default.