RPM Computer Output Reduction (COR) Transform

Wed, 09/25/2019 - 17:17 By Dave Brooks

What it does

The COR transform automatically scales the font and adjusts line length and page length, depending on the longest input lines.

COR can use plain text or text markup from another transform.

COR can rotate the page from portrait to landscape, depending on the longest line length result.

The original COR algorithm is said to do a superior job compared to the iSeries Host Print Transform (HPT). This is because the result text is not compressed to the top and left with COR like it is with HPT.


The COR transform is useful when you require a single queue to process print jobs with dramatically different page metrics.

COR was patterned after the iSeries Computer Output Reduction. We have added the ability to handles reports 66 lines per page as well as 60.


There are currently no setup options for COR.

COR settings

The COR transform reads page length, that is lines per page until we see a form feed.

  1. If the longest page length is less than 60, COR sets it to 60
  2. If the longest page length is greater than 60 but less than or equal to 66, COR sets it to 66
  3. If the page length exceeds 66, COR still sets it to 66 in hopes that the page fragments will be noticed and addressed in the input.
Longest line less than/equal to Set CPP to Set LPP to Set Orientation to
80 80 60/66 portrait
90 90 60/66 portrait
120 120 60/66 landscape
132 132 60/66 landscape
longer than 132 average line length 60/66 landscape