RPM Text Markup to PCL Transform

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 20:48 By Dave Brooks

What it does

Converts text markup to PCL5


The text markup to PCL transform was added in RPM 5.0. Many of our customers have systems that use PCL as input, and now we can support that as well. Also, if you convert your print jobs to PCL and send them to your HP compatible printer, you may see an increase in net throughput.


  • Input tray The source paper tray from which the document will be printed.
  • Output Bin The printer specific output bin.
  • Paper type Select the type of paper installed in the selected paper source.
  • Select font Select the primary font to be used in the entire PCL document. Note: these are PCL fonts, not Windows fonts.
  • Spacing Select whether to use proportional or fixed font spacing.
  • Encoding Select the symbol set for the generated PCL document.
  • Duplex Specify whether data will be printed on both sides of the paper.