Print to RPM from Solaris 2.51

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 22:08 By Dave Brooks

Q: How can I create a printer on the Solaris server to print to my queue in RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ®? ("RPM")

A: The steps below will help you configure a printer on Solaris version 2.51 to print through RPM.

  1. At the console, open Admintool.
  2. Open the Printers utility.
  3. From the Edit menu, point to Add and choose Access to Printer.
  4. The following options should be configured.
  • Client: Enter the IP address or hostname of the Solaris server.
  • Printer name: Enter the RPM queue name here.
  • Print Server: Enter the RPM host computer's IP address (or hostname if using DHCP).

In researching this article (2022) I did some research on whether Solaris was even still available. I remember when Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems in the nineties and announced plans to phase out Solaris. However, it's still around and people are still using it, according to Google.