Raw print to class drivers / RPM Release

Raw printing now works with new Microsoft class drivers

The biggest news of this release is that RPM Remote Print Manager® ("RPM") raw print to printers using “class drivers” now works. We discovered an article that explains how to do it.

At this point, we no longer need to recommend customers use the “Generic / Text” driver if they need to do raw printing.

Our code tests the printer's driver version and uses either the new or the traditional method if it’s not a class driver.

Diagnostic log rollover

We discovered and corrected a problem related to the version that referenced Windows version 1809, introduced in a Windows update on or around January 31, 2019. Several of us at the office noticed that we were accumulating diagnostic log files, even zero-byte files.

Critical events update

If you have any critical events, then you’ll see them when you start the UI.

Also, we enable these columns by default: Category, Message, and Encountered. You can adjust which columns you see in this form, and any form, by right-clicking in one of the column headers.

Non-Microsoft fonts fix

A customer recently reported that his custom True Type font stopped working with RPM text printing. If you have problems with your non-Microsoft TTF not working with text printing, please try this release.

OS version

We added support for Server 2019 to the code that gets and displays the operating system version. Microsoft constantly warns this won’t work forever, so someday you’ll have to guess.