Updates to the PCL Resource Mapper transform

We have made a number of additions and updates to the PCL Resource Mapper transform in RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) since the last major release. Here are the highlights:

Support both PCL5 and PCL6

PCL6 is the new version of the venerable PCL5 and is commonly found in driver output in recent years. We support the same end results in both formats and don’t require you to specify which format your print job uses. RPM will do what is needed in either case.

Copies support

We’ve added the ability to override the copies settings. We have seen where this dramatically changes the printer warm-up time for jobs with multiple copies. Of course, your results will vary depending on the printer and the job. One customer told us the difference was between the job starting to print in under 2 seconds versus 20 seconds. We don't have their printer and can't reproduce those results.

Logging improvement

If you select “Log detected trays and bins” RPM will now give you a list of trays and bins at the end of the job, rather than each time one is detected.


The changes above appear in various versions but all are available starting with RPM version dated March 23, 2018.