Using Filter Action To Save Print Data in a Relational Database


Using the filter queue in RPM Remote Print Manager®, a government agency is able to save important data, which is normally printed, into its relational database automatically.




Product  RPM Elite

Date: May 2, 2005

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Business Need

A government agency needed a way to convert print jobs normally sent to a physical printer into text blocks that could be stored in a relational database.

Solution: RPM Select

The agency turned to RPM Elite's filter action. Filter processing in RPM provides the means to write print data to disk. Print jobs are sent to RPM from a mainframe system, then RPM saves the print data temporarily as a text file to a specified location on the server. The text file is then picked up by another process that imports the text block into the database.

Systems and Setup

RPM is installed on two Windows 2003 server machines in a network load balancing setup. A custom application spools mainframe data to RPM for processing. Another custom application is used to import the data into a Microsoft SQL database.


Using RPM's filter queue, the agency saw the following results:

  • Getting important data into the database is now an automated process
  • RPM has been functioning with very little maintenance
  • Important data is now stored electronically, eliminating reliance on paper, and reducing paper storage costs 

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