Data Extraction Added to RPM Elite

Mon, 02/29/2016 - 16:51 By Dave Brooks

Say hello to an even better RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) Elite!
Effective March, 1st 2016, these fantastic new features are being unveiled.

  • Data Extraction Transform - NEW

This new transform enables the retrieval of information within the content of the print job based on its position in the file or by identifying patterns using regular expressions. Once the value has been extracted from the text, it can be used later while naming output or distributing to other queues using the improved Copy to Queue action detailed below.

Data extraction enhances job processing

  • Copy to Queue Action for RPM Elite - IMPROVED

The improved Copy to Queue action is now able to leverage variable job information in order to route jobs to other queues. This improves workflow and distribution capabilities greatly.  For example, it allows the distribution of jobs based on who printed it or even what the data might contain.
The price of RPM Elite (R6E1) is also changing from $648 to $750. For the versions which support additional devices, R6E2 which supports 249 devices will be $1500 and R6E3 supporting unlimited devices is now $2250.

For current RPM Elite users, the annual support cost will increase slightly the next time you renew support.  However, users with current support qualify and are able to upgrade to the new version now.
The new features can be combined together to create powerful solutions to enhance document workflow in your environment. We are very excited about the wide range of application for these new features.  Please let us know if you have any questions about how they can be put to work in your environment.

We hope you can upgrade today!

Download your update here

Download your update here

— The Sales Team at Brooks
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