DocuWare Announcement

Tue, 09/25/2012 - 10:00 By Dave Brooks

On September 25, 2012, DocuWare announced a partnership with Brooks Internet Software, Inc., to facilitate DocuWare partners and customers migrating documents into the DocuWare document management suite.

Brooks has worked with DocuWare partners and customers for years, solving printing problems and developing workflows to bridge from all manner of systems such as System i (the venerable AS/400) and UNIX, to name a few. Primarily we have deployed our RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) product in DocuWare installations.


Opportunities for integration

We have identified five key opportunities for integrating RPM with DocuWare:

  1. Any environment with non-Windows systems, such as IBM mainframe and midrange systems, UNIX, Linux, etc.
  2. 64-bit environment
  3. Any print stream consisting of PCL, which is roughly half the printing in the world
  4. Any workflow using 3rd party software
  5. Any integration requiring unique custom workflows

Customer feedback

Quote from Nicholas Armstrong – DM Sales Architect, Smile Business Products Inc.

“RPM by Brooks Internet Software, helped to fill a gap between legacy technology and a new business infrastructure. Our customer’s main business application runs on a Unix server, which cannot have Windows .NET print drivers loaded. The solution we were providing to the customer was made more complete by capturing a digital copy of the printed documents from the app, and storing them away in the DocuWare document management system. This is all done through a Windows virtual print driver. RPM closed the gap by collecting the raw print data from the Unix application, cleaning it up very nicely, and handing it off to the Windows driver. Our solution would not have worked as advertised, had RPM not solved our problem. Thank you very much.”

More customer stories

  • One customer was required to prepend a banner page to all their documents before importing them into DocuWare. The banner page was to include the document name, the ID of the user who printed, it, when it was printed, etc. RPM has this kind of capability built in, so the customer can satisfy a regulatory requirement without expensive programming.
  • As mentioned, RPM can process print streams native to other systems such as UNIX and IBM midrange systems, clean the data up, and print directly to the DocuWare Windows print driver.
  • RPM can also generate a TIFF file from a PCL data stream (or PDF if you prefer) and deposit the result into a hot folder. The archived file name is completely customizable, and we do collision detection by default.
  • Some PCL print streams include custom fonts which do not translate as actual text data. In these cases, RPM can be configured to run an OCR program first, and then pass the resulting text into DocuWare.


For more information please contact our sales staff.